How To Dress Like Rachel Bilson 0

Let’s face it – Rachel Bilson is absolutely adorable! We love her. A lot of this has to do with her sweet personality which is shown off in her style. This girl knows how to rock clothing. She has figured out what works for her body type, and how

What To Wear When Chilling Out 0

When you are going to chill out with friends, you need to find a comfortable outfit that is going to help you look chill. The soft grey track suit is something you can wear anywhere in town, and the soft hair style is something you can wear with relative

How To Get The Blair Waldorf Look 0

Blair Waldorf, also known as Serena’s best friend on Gossip Girl, sports an incredible look every time she appears in public. Her girly polished cloths, is a very desirable look for a change-up from traditional dress. Capturing the Waldorf look begins with recognizing the look. The following tips will

How To Do Pixie Lott Inspired Makeup 0

Pixie Lott is an extremely popular English actress, songwriter, and singer. Besides her many talents, she is known for her beautiful, unique makeup look. She sports porcelain skin with dark, black eyeliner, and an almost flesh-toned lipstick to top off her look. This look may seem difficult to achieve,

How To Do A Catwalk Inspired Faux Hawk Hairstyle 0

When it comes to fashion and style, whatever you see going down the catwalk, is what’s in today. One of the latest styles that has been worn on many catwalks, is the Faux Hawk hairstyle. This is a very hot hairstyle, that can easily be worn with many different

Kim Kardashian Givenchy Show Makeup 0

Kim Kardashian is envied and much admired for the flawless, elegant beauty she displays on most occasions. Although many say it is due to an expert makeup artist, none can deny that they are working with a great canvas. At Givenchy Fashion Show in Paris, her makeup made waves

How To Dress Like Cara Delevingne 0

Cara Delevingne is a fashion model, actress, singer and socialite from England. She is well-known for her amazing fashion sense, and many girls and women are looking for ways to dress like Cara. If you are one of these girls or women, you’ve come to the right place. Learn

The Five Stages Of Tv Series Finale Grief 0

Everyone, at some point, has fallen in love with one or more TV series. How does it feel when any of these series comes to an end? The answer is obvious: you would like it to continue and never to come to an end. Well, this cannot happen and

How To Do Your Makeup Like Lana Del Rey 0

Lana Del Ray has amazing look that is quickly catching on throughout Hollywood. You probably are wondering how you can achieve a look like Lana Del Ray’s and fortunately it is pretty easy to achieve if you have the right products and you put the time in. There are

How To Dress Like Victoria Justice 0

Victoria Justice has made her way from childhood stardom on the Nickelodeon Network, to a graceful entry into the elite. The most captivating and achievable aspects of her unique style are the combinations of youthful free styles edging toward adult poshness. What does this mean for the fan and

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